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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Finally got our pictures up of Home Thrown, Home Grown for this year (see slide show at right).  We really caught a break with the weather.  It was a bit warm when we were breaking down but not nearly as bad as last year!  Janet Essenpreis and Linda Bowman did an outstanding job putting the sale together.  Our advertising was just wonderful; the Courier, Leo, and the Highlander really did well by us.
On the money side, it was by far our best year ever!  And, while we all want to sell our work, just being together for a couple of days is probably the best part of it.  Many of us spend long days alone in our studio so to be able to get out there and be with fellow potters is a wonderful respite.  
A full report will be made at our upcoming meeting on June 29th.  

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